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Seattle Seahawks Cody Barton Chooses Paradigm for NFL’s My Cause My Cleats!

By December 2, 2021Uncategorized

Paradigm Foundation is honored to be chosen by Cody Barton, Linebacker of the Seattle Seahawks for the National Football League’s annual “My Cause My Cleats” campaign!  The official NFL site for the campaign explains: “NFL players reveal their passions beyond the game and wear their hearts on their feet through My Cause My Cleats. Players have the opportunity to pick a cause that is important to them and represent their chosen organization on custom designed cleats.”

Cody’s custom Paradigm Foundation cleats were designed by Sean Vergara. The Seahawks organization shared, “Sean is a Seattle-based visual artist with heavy focuses in painting, drawing, illustration, and design. He uses his experience in sports and the arts to merge visual cues from a variety of cultural sources, such as photography, fashion, architecture, and design, to create pieces that tell unique visual stories.” Sean leveraged our core values of LOVE. BUILD. SERVE. for the focus of his design, with the cleats also showing a home build and the recognizable Paradigm Foundation logo at the top of the shoe in blue. We are excited to officially unveil the cleats Cody will be wearing for the NFL Week 13 My Cause My Cleats game below:

Many thanks to Cody Barton for showing his support for Paradigm Foundation and choosing to use his public platform to give a voice for the millions of individuals living in extreme poverty around the world.  We are SO GRATEFUL. You can cheer on Cody and see the cleats take the field THIS SUNDAY, December 5th as the Seahawks take on the San Francisco 49ers – check your local listings for how you can tune-in to the game or use the button below.  You know we will be watching – let’s go Seahawks!!