Paradigm Foundation believes that deeply impoverished people are close to the heart of God. We aim to encourage these families by offering a tangible example of God’s love by providing a more dignified living environment with an attractive, safe, modernized home.

House-minAt a relatively low cost of $9,000, families are provided with a higher quality of life through strong, stable home construction and access to sanitation as well as other resources. These homes help to reduce the spread of disease, offer a safe environment for children and promote community empowerment.

However, we believe true poverty is the absence of a personal relationship with our creator, the Living God. In an effort to also strengthen spiritual foundations for the family’s we serve, with each home we build we partner with a local church. We do this so that the family can experience the true hope that only Jesus Christ can provide and so the church can continue to walk with the family in discipleship long after our construction effort is complete.

Our mission is to serve the ultra poor through new home construction in an effort to:

  1. Provide a safe and sustainable living environment;
  2. Offer a tangible example of God’s love by providing structural foundations with hope to also strengthen spiritual foundations;
  3. Encourage families with dignified living;
  4. Help reduce disease through increased hygiene and access to clean water; and,
  5. Deter insects and rodents through better construction.
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